Saturday, September 21, 2013

Holiday Ideas Pt. 1

The holidays are
right around the corner.

Here are some gift
ideas from
The Rusty Hinge

If you have every been cooking
and set the hot lid on the counter
then tried to pick it up
you know what a pain that is. 

This is a Pan Lid Holder

This one is one of the basic styles
stained with a light cherry stain. 

This can be made in any type of wood
and any color 
stain or paint.

This is one made from oak wood
it is stained with a black cherry
finish and the H was hand painted.

We also have pan holder

I use these when i don't have enough
room on my stove
i can just set one pan 
to the side and start something
else on that burner

Just like the lid holders
we have the basic ones
(As seen in this picture these are made out of one solid piece of wood. No glue used)

And we have ones with
different designs
on them.

Just like the lid holders
these can be made out
of any type of wood
and any stain or paint.

Everything here is for sale

Basic lid holders $5
Customs start at $10

Basic pan holders $5
Custom pan holder start at $10

Feel free to contact us
just click on the 
"contact us" tab
at the top 
of the page.

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