Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Cat Steps!

If your like me
you love
your kitty cat
more than

And if you know cats
you know they
to climb.

I watch the show 
my cat from hell
Jackson Galaxy
say cats
love to be above
everyone and everything
and they like to
watch over everything
from a high place.

So we made my cat
some cat steps!

We built 2 different types

These are actual stairs
that go up onto my 
entertainment center
They are held up
with wall anchors 
made for just
drywall and no stud!

Then there are just the steps
These are her favorite!
She can go from the back of the couch 
and jump onto the first step!
These are help in with 
very sturdy
wall anchors drilled into
the studs of the house.
She is always getting on top of the hall tree
and watches me
run around and do
everything i do during the day

If your interested in these
send us an email
and also
dont forget we
can build 
anything you would like.

If you find something on
Pinterest or draw something
up yourself send us an email
and we can 
get that done for you!

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Clocks, clocks and more clocks!

Man we have been busy
we are currently working
on a
"treasure chest" toy box!

I thought i would stop
by real quick and
do a quick post!

Like the title says
here are some
clocks and more clocks

These are wall clocks
and are all
different sizes

Feel free to comment or send us a message
on sizes and prices.
 (this says "what the h@!? I'm always late anyways" and the numbers are at the bottom) 

And here is another desk clock!
I love this one!!

Be sure to check out our Etsy page
and be sure
to follow us on here
to see all the new things
were coming up with!